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These Lost Lake hiking trails range from 1/2 mile to 3.2 miles and allow views of Mt Hood, Mt Adams, Mt Jefferson as well as access to the Pacific Crest Trail.  Click the + symbol next to each trail name to read more details.

This is an easy 3.2 mile stroll around the perimeter of the lake. Starting at the viewpoint at the north end of the lake the first portion of the trail is a self guided nature walk .  Allow yourself an hour or more so you can stop along the way to enjoy the splendid views of the lake and Mt. Hood.

This trail runs north and south between A Loop Campground and the Organization Camp for a distance of I mile. It offers the hiker an ideal opportunity to learn more about the ecology of the area through numerous interpretive signs set along the trail. The Old Growth Trail is an easy walk and is barrier free the entire length.

A slightly more difficult trail, 2.5 miles long, it connects the Lake Branch Cascades Trail, north of the lake, with Jones Creek Road and is open to mountain bikes as well as hikers.

This is a short, half mile trail that connects the Old Growth Trail with the Lost Lake shoreline at the public boat launch. It is a little more strenuous but is still barrier free.

This is a steep trail that climbs 1400 feet in it’s 2 mile length but is well worth the effort. It starts from the General Store parking area and takes you up east of the lake to where you can see Mt. Adams, Mt. Baker, Mt. Hood as well as occasional views of Mt. St. Helens.

Just less than a mile long this trail meets up with Lake Branch Creek Road where you can either loop back around to Lost Lake Road to the east or head west and connect with the Pacific Crest Trail. This trail has some rough areas but is open to mountain bikes.

This trail starts either at the south end of the lake on the Lakeshore Trail or from Sentinel Spur Road off of Jones Creek Road. It is a fairly steep 2.5 mile climb and connects to the Pacific Crest Trail.